Michael G. Lohmeyer

840 Pretoria Court

San Jose CA 95127

(408) 829-3074


Skill Summary:



I have 27 years electronics design experience as a full time and consulting engineer in the following areas.


Electronics and Software Design

     Hardware Circuit Design experience from concept, to schematic, PCB Layout, fabrication, and testing.

     Analog and Digital Design.  Experience using PSpice for analog and mixed signal circuit analysis.

     Strong experience in EMI emissions related issues and FCC/CISPRR certification process.

     Experience with high-speed digital interfaces.

     OrCAD CIS database and design process implementation, including creation of parts database, training and documentation for engineering staff. OrCAD and Viewlogic schematic capture experience.

     Programming experience in multiple languages including C, C++, and assembly.

     FPGA and CPLD design experience with Xilinx & Altera, using Verilog and custom languages.

     Own my own test equipment including oscilloscopes, logic analyzer, environmental test chamber and more.

     PCB layout design skills using Pads PCB and Allegro.

     Mechanical design experience using SoildWorks, Mastercam, and other CAD/CAE tools.


General Skills

     Praised for having excellent communication, presentation, and writing skills.

     Fast learner, good teacher, and detail oriented. This has led to my diverse skill set.

     Team oriented engineer and manager who motivates project teams toward successful products.

     Computer guru, 37 years experience with computers (Windows, Linux/Unix, Macintosh, programming, network architecture, protocols, applications, system administration, and engineering tools).


Experience Summary:


(see pages 2-4 for specific job experience)

Embedded Hardware Design

     Experience with various embedded processors (8-bit, 16-bit, & 32-bit).

     Software design for embedded applications.

     Low power, battery operated circuits, and micro-power battery backed circuit design.

     Embedded backplane and peripheral bus design.

     Analog design, sensors, power supply design.


Consumer Electronics and Multimedia Hardware Design

     Embedded processor and multimedia designs for cell phones, PDAs, and hand held devices - including audio, video, LCD, and peripherals.

     Analog design experience with op-amps, CODECs, power supplies, and other basic analog circuits.

     Design of low power, primary and rechargeable battery products including battery-charging circuits.

     PC audio and PC multimedia controllers including all multimedia functions of a modern PC. 


Networking Hardware, DSL, and Cable Modem Design

     Design of fault tolerant boards for 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet traffic concentrators, including high-speed memory (Rambus, SDRAM, and ZBT SRAM), network processors, high-speed serial switch fabric, and embedded control processors. 

     Design of Ethernet controller boards for add in PC cards and network infrastructure equipment.

     Cable Modem head end design and DSL cable modem design.


Architecture Definition and System Design

     Skilled at architecture definition with focus on cost, user interface, and function.

     Feasibility of Design studies for industrial and consumer embedded products including BOM, cost analysis, mechanical and industrial design constraints.

     System on Chip architecture definition for ASIC and FPGA applications.

     Biometric Identification experience with Fingerprint and Voice Recognition products.

     Hot swap and redundant architecture experience.


Applications Engineering

     Provided customer applications support including application notes, data sheets, reference designs, phone support, and FAE/Customer training.

     Design of boards for turnkey, ready to manufacture kits (including schematics, PCB layout, emissions approval, and BOM intended for large scale production by OEM manufacturing houses).

     Designs included Ethernet, xDSL, PC Multimedia, Cell phone and PDA multimedia ICs.


Job Experience:

Akhara Design, San Jose, CA

CONSULTANT OWNER / SENIOR DESIGN ENGINEER                             Jan. 2000 Current

I have worked as an independent consulting engineer since January 2000. Many of the companies listed below were consulting projects I worked on.

Akhara Design includes mainly electrical design, but also mechanical design and fabrication skillsets including a CNC machine shop used for mechanical prototyping. 

I provide my own software tools, lab, and test equipment including basic environmental testing.

Only major consulting projects are listed below. Fabrication and CNC machining projects are not listed.


OttoQ, Cupertino, CA

CONSULTANT SENIOR DESIGN ENGINEER                                           Mar. 2016 Jul. 2017

Hardware design of magnetic sensor based parking lot monitors. Bluetooth RF design using Nordic and TI microprocessors, and Honeywell and Memsic 3 axis magnetic sensors used to detect presence of a vehicle.

Battery based power supplies for 5 year field life.

Mechanical design and testing of environmentally sealed plastic enclosures.

Managed manufacturing process for ramp up of customer roll outs. 


Voler Systems, Sunnyvale, CA

CONSULTANT SENIOR DESIGN ENGINEER                                           Sep. 2014 Sep. 2015

Fast paced consulting firm where I worked on multiple projects including mobile and wearable devices, medical devices, network infrastructure products, and embedded designs.

Managed a team of engineers as needed for projects.

Responsible for analog and digital designs including pico-ampere sense circuit, industrial monitoring, power supplies, Ethernet Switch Fabric and an Ethernet based backplane, microcontrollers, and cellular chipsets.


Obvius, Portland, OR

CONSULTANT - DESIGN ENGINEER                                                                 Nov. 2001 - 2014

Responsible for design and testing of embedded products for Obvius monitoring system, including Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, RF networking, LCD display, battery backup, and analog inputs.

Used PSpice to design and analyze a multi-port DVM function for analog and digital input monitoring.

Designs implemented with ARM7/ARM9 and Rabbit Semiconductor based embedded processors.

Responsible for ARM7 Software written in C.

Responsible for bed of nails test systems including hardware and software design.

Evaluated and designed various switching and linear power supplies including PSpice simulation.

Performed cost/benefit analysis of various designs and features for Obvius products.


Gyration, Inc., Saratoga, CA

CONSULTANT Design Engineer                                                                 Jul. 2004 Jun. 2005

Responsible for design of several components of a wireless mouse, battery charger, keyboard, and USB RF receiver, including follow-on products and accessories.

Followed product from early design through testing and overseas manufacturing support.

Designed product using TI MSP430 Processor Family and Cypress WirelessUSB and PSoC Families.


Power Integrations, San Jose, CA

CONSULTANT - OrCAD CIS Implementation & Training                              Nov. 2003 - Mar. 2004

Provided consultation regarding implementation of PIs OrCAD CIS database and design process.

Wrote reference materials and provided training for engineering staff and FAEs.


Flextronics Corporation, Milpitas, CA

CONSULTANT - DESIGN ENGINEER                                                           Oct. 2003 - Dec. 2003

Wrote a design feasibility study for a consumer level pocket sized security device for biometric fingerprint and voice recognition, including a LI-ION battery powered, ARM based design with flash memory, fingerprint sensor, and voice recognition capability.

The report included cost analysis for high volume production, battery budget according to different usage patterns, and investigation into other possible features such as a breathalyzer and USB flash disk function.









MediaQ Incorporated (now nVidia), Santa Clara, CA

CONSULTANT - DESIGN ENGINEER                                         May - Oct. 2002, Jul. - Aug. 2003

Designed, documented and debugged several evaluation and debug boards for MediaQ silicon products including a seven slot back plane (including signal integrity issues), an Ethernet/Super I/O Peripheral card, a PCI interface adapter and an evaluation board for MediaQs newest silicon.

Defined feature requirements for MediaQ evaluation and debug boards. 

The boards implemented common functions for cell phone and PDA flat panel and multimedia acceleration.

Implemented component database (OrCAD CIS) to assist in BOM creation and defined design process around the database.


Ikanos Communications, Fremont, CA

CONSULTANT - DESIGN ENGINEER                                                          May 2003 - July 2003

Designed a debug and evaluation board for Ikanos next generation xDSL chip set, including interfaces for different memory systems, debug aids, external CPU integration, and interface variations for Ikanos physical layer interface devices for DSL applications.


Leopard Logic, Cupertino, CA

SENIOR SYSTEMS ENGINEER                                                                          Jan. - Mar. 2002

Defined a RapidIO Interface for FPGA and ASIC applications. Wrote a specification for development of a RapidIO core for System on Chip designs.

Presented RapidIO architecture to Leopards key customer. 

Examined Leopard Logic FPGA development tools and documentation and provided bug reports and feedback. 


Inkra Networks, Fremont, CA

CONSULTANT - DESIGN ENGINEER                                                                  Jan. - Oct. 2001

Designed and managed two multi-function boards for Inkras carrier system for Internet data centers.

Board included: high-speed back plane switch fabric, network processors, Rambus memory, 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet, MPC860 CPU, SDRAM, ZBT SRAM, CPLD, CSIX and Focus bus interfaces.

System design frequencies include: 2.65 GHz back plane switch fabric, 1.25 GHz PECL Gigabit Ethernet interface (TBI), 400 MHz (800 Mb/s) Rambus, 100 MHz ZBT SRAM, 40 MHz CPU sub-system.

Designed MPC860 CPU sub-system including interfacing incompatible bus architectures to CPU.

Assisted with creation of component database (OrCAD CIS) to streamline design process.

Created reliable process in OrCAD allowing two boards to be created from one schematic.


Luxxon Corporation, San Jose, CA

CONSULTANT - DESIGN ENGINEER                                                                         1999 - 2000

Main architect for MultiMediaCard (MMC) interface for Luxxons LUX2 Multimedia Processor (for wireless and hand held devices).  Responsibilities included debug and MMC compliance testing.

Designed an FPGA development board for the LUX2. Responsible for design, fabrication, purchasing parts, documentation, and design of add-on daughter boards.

Provided early system architecture for Luxxons Mediator Streaming System (a streaming media technology for wireless and mobile devices). Responsibilities included hot swap and redundancy as well as bandwidth demands in a video encoder/decoder application.


Terayon Communication Systems, Santa Clara, CA

MTS, DESIGN ENGINEER                                                                                          1998 - 1999

Designed multiple sub-systems on a complex Cable Modem head end product including: CPU interface, hot swap, redundancy, Compact PCI interface, power supply, interface to RF circuits and high-speed memory interface. Design effort encompassed three separate board designs for IC and architecture verification and design specifications for final products.

Designed FPGA based test bed for DOCSIS upstream packet processor, interfaced to a Motorola MPC8260 embedded processor.  Responsibilities included FPGA architecture definition, FPGA design, PCB circuit design, and mechanical issues.

Wrote requirements and design specifications for above-mentioned projects.

Defined and documented better procedures for Terayons design process.








Chromatic Research, VLSI System Products, Sunnyvale, CA

MTS, DESIGN ENGINEER                                                                                          1996 - 1998

Designed processor based multimedia boards for the consumer and OEM market.  Designs included CODECs for audio, modem, display RAMDAC, NTSC Video in and out and more.

High frequency design and PCB layout experience with 300 MHz Rambus memory bus and 125 MHz multimedia processor.

Successful completion of FCC/CISPRR EMI emissions certification of above systems.


Advanced Micro Devices, Corporate Systems Engineering, Sunnyvale, CA

DESIGN ENGINEER                                                                                                   1994 - 1996

Designed PC Audio boards for the consumer and OEM market.  The boards were ready to manufacture design kits for AMD customers.

Mastered design of 2 and 4 layer PCBs with mixed analog and digital components.

Provided customer support on AMDs full product line through phone hotline including LAN/Ethernet devices, Flash memory, CPLD (Mach family), PLD products, and AMD processors.


National Semiconductor Corp., Local Area Networks, Santa Clara, CA

APPLICATIONS ENGINEER                                                                                       1990 - 1994

Main architect of Ethernet chip.  Conceived and designed the bus architecture, DMA, data path, FIFOs, system architecture and system software interface.

Designed mixed signal digital and analog PCBs for evaluation and demonstration purposes.

Presented product and technical information to customers and FAEs.



B.S. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, June 1990, Oregon State University